JINPO PLUS, a public limited company, registered in the commercial register of the Regional Court in Ostrava, section B, No. 1477, was founded in 1994. Ever since, the company has been a stable supplier of pipeline material, especially in these areas:

  • power engineering
  • construction industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • gas industry

The company's traditional values consist of its own know-how development, investments into human resources and manufacturing equipment. These core values create a solid foundation for our dynamic development and for the high quality goods that we supply.

Initially our customers perceived us as a producer of pipe bends and as a supplier of steel pipeline, pipeline components. Lately, apart from this traditional focus, we have significantly increased the proportion of our other production with high added value and specific utility.

Our specialization includes particularly these products and services:

  • prefabrication of boilers components and of power engineering equipment;
  • production and delivery of fine steel for power engineering and petrochemical industry;
  • production of low- and high-alloy longitudinally welded pipes through the SAW method;
  • production of fittings out of special forged semi-finished products through chip-forming machining and pressing;
  • production of flange pipes;
  • production of special bent construction panels and structures;
  • production of pressure containers and pressure systems components;
  • production of bent pipeline parts of larger sizes;
  • production of specific masts;
  • production of special pipeline components for the gas industry;
  • production and delivery of technological units for renovation of permanent ways;
  • processing of welding technological procedures and welding supervision under EWE qualification (European welding engineer) and EWI (European welding inspector);
  • production according to special requirements.


In JINPO PLUS we focus on the high quality of all the supplied products and services in compliance with the current legislation. The quality management system in accordance with international ISO 9000 standards comes as a matter of course for us.

Our certification according to the directive PED 97/23/ES (implemented by the Act. No. 22/1997 Coll. and Decree No. 26/2003) allows us to issue our own trademark protected certificates to our own products and services according to EN 10204 standard. We are able to deliver products and services in compliance with ČSN, ČSN EN, ČSN ISO, ČSN EN ISO, DIN, ASTM, EN standards and also with other national standards, but every time with regard to the requirements of the customer.

The broad range of our goods can be delivered to the customer from our central storage through either our own cargo vehicles or by professional transport companies in order to achieve short delivery time.

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