We focus on delivering technological units through the prefabrication of sub-components. We also provide with all operations that are necessary for a specific delivery.

The range of operations especially includes:           

  • documentation processing;
  • segmentation of piping into (transferable) sub-parts;
  • technical documentation processing;
  • our own production of individual assembled units;
  • surface protection;
  • conducting of the relevant tests;
  • issuance of quality documentation.

Our deliveries of prefabricated units are utilized in these industries:

  • power engineering:
    • high and low pressure steam piping;
    • fine fittings;
    • connecting pipeline for boilers;
    • flyout pipes;
    • pressure chambers;
    • etc.
  • gas industry;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • steel construction industry.

Typically we manufacture prefabrication units in compliance with ČSN, DIN and EN standards.

Contact Person

Daniel Navrátil
Phone: +420 597 469 215
Mobile: +420 602 553 489
Mail: navratil@jinpo-plus.cz

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