Flanged pipes with moulded double rims and loose flanges are manufactured in sizes of DN 50 - DN 150 with the designated use for nominal pressures PN 16 and PN 40. We also manufacture flanged pipes with welded rings and loose flanges in sizes of DN 40 - DN 500.

Flanged pipes are delivered in accurate lengths of 6000-0+50 mm if not required otherwise. The assembly with flanged elbows and flanged T-pieces is also possible.

We use seamless pipes of the quality 11353 (S235JR/P235TR1) as an input material; alternatively for the nominal pressure PN 16 we use longitudinally welded pipes of the quality S235JR/P235TR1.

Flanged pipes and flanged connections are suitable e.g. for distribution of water, air, concrete substances or for wastewater pumping.

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Daniel Navrátil 
Phone: +420 597 469 215, 
Mobile: +420 602 553 489
Mail: navratil@jinpo-plus.cz

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