We produce longitudinally welded pipes and pipe parts in sizes of DN 400 - DN 4000 in compliance with product standards EN 13480; EN 12952; EN 10217-5 or according to the customer's requirements. Our longitudinally welded pipes are manufactured using the roll bender of steel plates (segments) and longitudinal welding. The desired length is achieved by circumferential welding the segments together.

The range of longitudinally welded pipes is supplemented with segmental elbows, T-pieces and pipe reductions in compliance with the technical documentation.

Diameter range:

406 - 4 000 mm

Thickness range:

4 - 22 mm

Maximal segment length:

3 000 mm

Total maximal length:

12 000 mm

Maximal weight:

8 000 kg


All of our carbon, alloy and austenitic steel products are delivered with the quality according to ČSN EN, DIN, ASTM standards.

Welding is carried out on the basis of WPQR and WPS (according to EN ISO 15607) by qualified welders according to EN 287-1, EN 1418.

Our welding methods:

  • 111 manual metal arc welding;
  • 121 submerged arc welding with one wire electrode;
  • 135 metal arc active gas welding - MAG welding;
  • 141 tungsten inert gas welding - TIG welding.

According to the costumer's requirements, we are able to deliver pipes with straight ends or with shape modification for welding. Our output check includes complete size and visual control, or alternatively another non-destructive inspection methods - X-ray test, penetration test, magnetic particle test, ultrasonic test and the assessment of mechanical features of the processed samples or the hydrostatic pressure testing.

Our products can be also provided with thermal treatment, blasting and surface treatment, heat  insulation or transportation through our own cargo vehicles.

Contact Person

Ing. Daniel Navrátil
Phone: +420 597 469 215
Mobile: +420 602 553 489
Mail: navratil@jinpo-plus.cz

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